OUP ELTA-OWL English Day 2016

12 Mar 2016

In conjunction with Oxford University Press and the VHS Lippstadt we are happy to offer an opportunity for members to attend two workshops run by Patrick Scanlon – a teacher, trainer and former Head of Foreign Languages at the Bremer Volkshochschule.

Patrick’s first workshop will be on Getting your language lessons moving! and the second will look at Pictures into Words. They will be held in Room E.36 the VHS Lippstadt, Barthstr. 2, 59557 Lippstadt on 12 March 2016 starting at 10:00 am.

Patrick says about his first workshop:

Research into learning has shown that movement not only activates the body but also gets the brain cells working. Yet our language classes are often such a static affair. Each participant has his or her fixed place and the roles are clearly assigned – Helga always dominates the lesson, whereas Betty seldom speaks, Heinz wants everything translated and G√ľnther has a difficult question about grammar. Every week the same scene: the students speak very little English, learning progress is extremely slow and sometimes we teachers are overcome by a sense of creeping paralysis. In this seminar the aim is to break out of this pattern, explore and put into practice methods which get people moving – physically and mentally – and thereby bring more fun into the classroom and at the same time promote more effective learning.

about his second workshop he writes:

Pictures (for instance from childhood or your last holiday) can remind you of the past. Photos of happy or sad events can provoke emotional reactions or even strong differences of opinion. Paintings by famous artists may be loved or loathed, according to your taste. Short video sequences can provoke laughter or may provide food for thought. Pictures, in short, give us lots to talk about. In this 90 minute workshop we will show how still and moving pictures can be used in classes at very different levels to get our students talking.

The Programme

We start the day at 10:00 with coffee and tea at the VHS Lippstadt and plan to end shortly after 14:00

10:00 Welcome Coffee
10:30 Getting your language lessons moving!
12:00 Break with Coffee, Tea & Biscuits
12:30 Pictures into Words
14:00 Farewell Coffee
14:30 Departures

In addition there will be a small Oxford University Press book stand and representatives to talk to as well.

Venue and parking

The VHS Lippstadt is at Barthstr. 2, 59557 Lippstadt – south of the town centre and there are two car parks nearby which are available for our use

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