My Language / Your Language 21 March 2015

21 Mar 2015

In conjunction with VHS Lippstadt we are happy to offer an opportunity for members to attend a workshop run by Rhonda Bowen – a skilled cross-cultural English trainer with experience with many companies worldwide.

Rhonda’s workshop will be on My Language / Your Language (Perspectives for Teaching / Learning) and will be held at the VHS Lippstadt, Barthstr. 2, 59557 Lippstadt on 21 March 2015 starting at 10:00 am.

Rhonda says about her workshop:

Everyone speaks a language. Many of us speak two or three or maybe even more than that. What does that mean when we want to teach others a language? What implications do the language(s) we speak have on our teaching? How do our experiences in learning a language influence the way we teach language? Where we are; which culture we come from; our style of learning: all of these, not only our own but those of our participants, leave their marks, maybe helpful ones, but also those that can get in the way. Join me for a session in which we discover those factors which are relevant in this context. Reflecting on ourselves and assessing our participants in an interactive setting will support us in analyzing ourselves, those around us, and the world in which we all communicate.

Knowing about the other person’s language and cultural background will help you increase your level of sensitivity towards other languages (not only English) and thus create empathy to reduce misunderstandings and conflicts based on different way of interpreting language and expressions.

One should always remember language is more than just words and grammar, it’s also about values and culture and this is what should always be conveyed to people learning and speaking a foreign language.

The Programme

We start the day at 10:00 with coffee and tea at the VHS Lippstadt and plan to end shortly after 14:00

10:00 Welcome Coffee
10:30 Workshop Part I
12:00 Break with Coffee, Tea & Biscuits
12:30 Workshop, Part II
14:00 Farewell Coffee
14:30 Departures

Venue and parking

The VHS Lippstadt is at Barthstr. 2, 59557 Lippstadt – south of the town centre and there are two car parks nearby which are available for our use

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Booking form

Please use the booking form below to book by 18 March 2015