Best Practices in English Teaching and our 2014 AGM

06 Sep 2014

In conjunction with VHS Lippstadt ELTA-OWL presents a four workshop day conference entitled Best Practice in English Teaching as well as our Annual General Meeting on the 06 September 2014.

Our timetable for the day

09:30 registrations, welcome and coffee and tea
10:00 Teaching English 2.0 – Your classroom in the digital age led by Robert Kirstein ( Klett )
11:30 coffee, tea and book exhibition
11:45 Videos in the Classroom with Britta Landermann (ELTA-OWL)
12:30 Lunch and book exhibition
13:15 Personalizing your Business English coursebook: Basis for Business C1 led by Anne Hodgson ( ELTABB )
14:45 coffee, tea and book exhibition
15:00 A Taster in English Classroom Resources by Petra Balzer (ELTA-OWL)
15:30 final time in the book exhibition
15:45 AGM of ELTA-OWL e.V. (all are welcome but only members can vote at the AGM)
16:30 Farewells
17:00 Departures


About our workshops

Robert Kirstein is introducing us to Teaching English 2.0 – Your classroom in the digital age where he will be introducing us to some tools for the digital age. He writes about his workshop:

As the “digital age” has reached classrooms, course participants will increasingly be “digital immigrants” and will expect their tutors and educational institutions to keep up with the times. Of course, this means no more carrying books and easy preparation at home that can be used in class at the click of a button. However, this also challenges us to become familiarized with the possibilities of digital media and to think of ways of combining the pen and paper culture with the one of tapping and swiping. This workshop will do just that by introducing you to “classware”, the digital version of English Unlimited and Business Advantage and Great!, Klett’s new “digital coursebook”. You will also see how you can combine the on- and offline world of teaching using Moodle, your virtual internet-based classroom. So come, be inspired and spice up your teaching.

Britta Landermann works at a local language school and has written material for Cornelsen and is a committee member of ELTA-OWL. She will be presenting us with ideas for using Video in the Classroom

Anne Hodgson left museum work behind in 1998 to teach English at language schools, VHS, in companies and at university. In 2013 she co-authored Cornelsen Basis for Business C1 and was able to incorporate her teaching experience into it. She writes about her workshop:

A coursebook can create a solid basic structure for a language course. But how do you make sure your students are actually practicing the language they will need at the workplace? And how do you broaden the scope of your book to really tap into your learners’ interests and ithe language the are producing in class?

This workshop will use units from Cornelsen’s Basis for Business C1 coursebook to review four tried and tested activities that will enhance and personalize your lessons, and can be used with any coursebook:

Freewriting reviews — to review and extend the selection of topics

Dictogloss — to deepen understanding of the language of different genres

Listening trios — to improve receptive and productive communicative skills

Storytelling — to update practical business skills

In each case we will discuss how digital media might be used to extend the activity.

Petra Balzer runs her own language school in the area and is going to give us a Taster in English Teaching Resources that she has tried and tested herself:


The book exhibition

We will have the following publishers visiting to show their latest offers in the English Language Teaching Materials:


The Annual General Meeting

All members were emailed the notification of the Annual General Meeting and its agenda in early August and we will hold the meeting at the end of the event from 15:45 and we anticipate that it will last no longer than 45 minutes.

Our hosts

Our hosts for this event are VHS Lippstadt who are offering their premises and support to this event and it enables us to provide a full days programme for you.

The Volkshochschule is in the south of Lippstadt and its address is Barthstrasse 2, 59557 Lippstadt and here is a map to show you were it is:

There is parking 50 – 100 metres from the front door and they are marked clearly as you enter the area from Gaussstrasse. Inside the building there will be signs and people there to welcome you.


Booking has closed but if you would like to attend we have a few places left and we will take people on a first come first served basis on the day.