Cambridge English: the new FCE and CAE examinations

09 May 2014

Davina Sutherland representing Cambridge English will be visiting us on 09 May 2014 to talk amongst other things about:


14:30: Coffee and light refreshments
15:00: Presentation by Davine Sutherland
17:30: Coffee and farewells
18:00: End

Davine Sutherland

Davine has worked in English Language Teaching in Germany for many years, specialising in the Cambridge examinations. After a long spell as Senior Team Leader for the Cambridge speaking examiners in Germany, she is currently a Cambridge Team Leader for the Cologne exam centre, as well as being a speaking examiner, Cambridge presenter and teacher.
She also teaches Scottish Gaelic face-to-face and via Skype, having done a Distance Diploma in Gaelic and Related Studies over the last few years. It was a real eye-opener to be a student again, and this has had a valuable impact on her own teaching. She often returns to her home area in the Highlands of Scotland, and has a keen interest in Scottish history and tradition, especially music.


This event will be held in the VHS Bielefeld in Room 240 the large conference room on the second floor.