Materials in business English and ESP – are they doing the job?

16 Nov 2013

On 16 November 2013 we will be welcoming Evan Frendo to run a workshop for us on "Materials in business English and ESP – are they doing the job?"

We will start in room 262 of the VHS Bielefeld from 13.30 onwards

The workshop will be in two parts. First we will look at different examples of authentic spoken and written business discourse, such as excerpts from telephone calls, meetings, small talk and emails, and examine the language our learners might need to learn.

On the way we will briefly recap the arguments and ideas which Swales, Hyland, Bhatia, and others have put forward regarding specificity and course design in ESP. We will also touch on different approaches and methodologies commonly used in business English and ESP, such as task based learning, lexical approaches and content based instruction.

Having set the context, we will then look at different types of materials (published materials, framework materials, authentic materials, bespoke materials) and discuss what their strengths and weaknesses might be. We will also examine how they might be adapted to suit a particular teaching context.

Come prepared to share your thoughts!

Evan Frendo is a freelance trainer, teacher trainer and author based in Berlin. He has been active in business English and ESP since 1993, mostly in the corporate sector. A frequent speaker at conferences, he also travels regularly in Europe and Asia to run courses or to work as a consultant. One of his current destinations is Chaozhou in China, where he is a Visiting Professor at Hanshan Normal University. He has considerable experience in the writing of corporate in-house training materials, and has built up several industry-specific corpora which he uses to inform this work. He has also published nearly twenty course books in the fields of business English and ESP, including “How to Teach Business English” (Longman, 2005) which is used in teacher training all over the world. For more details please visit his blog “English for the Workplace”.

We look forward to seeing you there!