IATEFL BESIG Online Event 09 November 2013

09 Nov 2013

ELTA-OWL's next event is:
the IATEFL BESIG Online event 09 November 2013 Room 101 (first floor) at the VHS Bielefeld, Ravensberger Spinnerei
where we will be given a chance to listen in to part of the IATEFL Business English Special Interest Group's Conference that is being held this year in Prague in the Czech Republic. This major conference for Business English, organised by IATEFL BESIG and held over three days, is one of the largest conferences for Business English professionals and attracts participants from all around the world. For further information visit the BESIG website at: http://www.besig.org/events/conferences/annual/Prague_2013.aspx Our event in Bielefeld allows you to see a few of the many sessions that are available at the full conference. We will be part of the simulcast event organised by the IATEFL BESIG Online Team and will be sharing a hand-selected set of presentations with colleagues from as far afield as Uruguay, India and Croatia. ELTA-OWL has the opportunity to listen in and also to participate via the Internet in sessions on Saturday 09 November 2013 from 10:30 until 18:45. You can see the programme outlining the sessions selected by IATEFL BESIG with full details of the sessions HERE. In addition there is also a quick guide that you can print off and bring with you HERE. As this is an IATEFL BESIG event there is no charge made by ELTA-OWL and we will be providing free tea and coffee during the day and there might be some cake provided by the committee too! The aim of this event is to give you a chance to share a small amount of the full conference experience and allow you to dip in and out of the sessions as you want. We recommend you read the detailed programme and select the sessions you want to attend. There will be committee members from ELTA-OWL on hand to guide you with participating in this event. There is a lunch break between 13:10 and 14:00 and the VHS Bistro will be serving light lunches for a modest price and if you want to pre-order your lunch – there will be an opportunity to do so at the start of the day and of course you can order from the Bistro during the lunch break too. Spaces are limited so you need to book online Here are the PDF guides to the day: Full programme (4 pages) http://www.elta-owl.de/events/files/2013/10/20131109_BESIGOnlineDayFullProgramme.pdf Quick guide (single A4) http://www.elta-owl.de/events/files/2013/10/20131109_quickguide.pdf We look forward to seeing you there.