Oxford University Press Publishers Day

25 Feb 2012

The event will start at 09:00 on 25 February 2012 in the VHS Bielefeld, Ravensberger Park 1, 33607 Bielefeld, on the second floor in rooms 261
09:00 Welcome & Coffee/Tea with biscuits
09:15 1st Workshop with Robert McLarty on "Business Results"
10:30 Coffee/Tea with Biscuits
11:00 2nd Workshop with Marcus Dauber on "The Yin and Yang of speaking"
12:15 Lunch Break
13:00 3rd Workshop with Martin Schwilk on "Supporting the use of Graded Readers in (and outside) the classroom"
14:15 Coffee/Tea with biscuits
14:45 End
Business Results (Robert McLarty) All over the world Business English course providers are under pressure to offer the best possible value for money. This means that time spent in the classroom has become more valuable and needs to be optimised and planned in a way which allows work done outside the classroom to be useful, efficient and flexible. In this talk I will show how "Business Result" lends itself to a blended approach and how by combining the key components you can package courses to suit a variety of professional needs. Bio-data: Robert McLarty has been Publishing Manager for Business English and ESP at Oxford University Press since 2004. For six years before that he was the Principal of OISE Oxford one of the UK’s leading language schools for professional training. He has taught in Paris, Hastings and Oxford. He is the co-author of Business Basics, Quick Work (Elementary) and Business Focus (Elementary & Pre-Intermediate). At OUP he is responsible for all new Business English, ESP and EAP publishing. The Yin and Yang of speaking – getting your students talking (Markus Dauber) In this session we will look at how motivation and pronunciation both play different but key roles in getting students speaking. This will be exemplified with modern speaking and pronunciation activities taken from New English File. Bio-data: Markus Dauber has studied Education, Psychology and Musicology. He has been working in the field of English Language Teaching for the past eight years in Greece and Germany. As an educational consultant he gives workshops and seminars for OUP in various parts of the country. Supporting the use of Graded Readers in (and outside) the classroom (Martin Schwilk) More and more students are becoming interested in extensive (graded) reading. Research is showing its effectiveness in improving both reading levels and overall motivation. How can teachers support students with suitable supplementary material? In this hands on workshop we will be discussing the importance of graded reading for students of all ages and levels. Come and find out how to improve your students’ reading and how to start your own reading circles. Bio-data: Martin Schwilk is the Educational Consultant for Oxford University Press in Western and Central Germany.